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Quality awareness runs in the family

When Johannes Ten Elsen first started the business back in 1961, his goal was to create a high quality product that was robust, durable and simple to assemble. Much has changed since then – however not the quality standards we strive to meet when developing and producing our poultry equipment. SPECHT poultry cage systems deliver on the promises we make. Which is why these products, only ever made exclusively in Germany, are now being shipped all over the world. They represent both the family-run business and and internationally recognized and successful for the development, manufacture and distribution of poultry equipment and livestock systems. An achievement of which we are really rather proud.

Modern systems to meet all requirements

As an innovative pioneer in the development of poultry equipment, we offer high quality systems for all types of standard and alternative housing – which, of course, include state-of-the-art feeding and ventilation systems. Modern technology and new product developments in the area of poultry equipment or the mobile stall ensure that our customers receive the products best suited to meet their requirements. Whether small or large scale operation, requiring a standard solution or special design: customers can expect the “Made in Germany” standard of quality when it comes to Specht Ten Elsen poultry equipment. Our poultry equipment is manufactured in Sonsbeck in the Lower Rhine region of North-Rhine Westphalia. State-of-the-art machinery, top quality raw materials and compliance with strict quality specifications in a work environment spanning 40,000 m2 ensure that the poultry equipment leaving our grounds reflects an impeccable standard of quality, and meets the high expectations of our international customers.

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Poultry equipment from planning to support

Take a look at our website for an overview of our latest products. Our poultry equipment can be made to meet every requirement and in any size. Together, we plan the fine details of the system that you need. Special requests and custom-built products are also easily accommodated by our in-house production team. We are also here to help when it comes to assembling your poultry equipment. If preferred, we will gladly assemble the equipment at your chosen location or supervise the setting up. A high standard of quality, the use of advanced technology and years of professional expertise have resulted in the global success of our products – and you can rest assured this approach will not change. Reliable customer service is another pillar of our success, which does not end with the purchase and assembly of your poultry equipment, but can be accessed at all times and for all problems or queries.

Innovative, sustainable products

We are aiming to shape the market with innovative and sustainable product developments. One of these developments is the SPECHT Mobile Stall system, which has drawn on decades of experience in the manufacture of poultry equipment to create one system that combines the advantages of many. Here, customers can choose from three different models, which can also be operated completely self-sufficiently thanks to the optional addition of solar panels on the roof and thus providing maximum flexibility.