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Success in Germany and beyond

Te So Ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG, better known as SPECHT, has manufactured top-quality livestock and poultry systems since 1961 and is now highly regarded around the world for its high quality standard. The company was founded by Johannes Ten Elsen in Sonsbeck, a municipality in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. His wife, Paula, is still part of the family business today and is active in the management together with Mr Thomas Peters. They manage the company’s fortunes and have a competent and multilingual team at their side, which takes care of international sales.

The poultry systems have always been manufactured in Sonsbeck using state-of-the-art machinery. The commercial premises comprise a total of 40,000 m2 with the areas for hall production, storage and loading only expanded to 20,000 m2 in 2019/20. Countless systems have so far been sold from here to customers in more than 60 countries – all of which were manufactured using premium raw materials and which met the strictest of quality standards. With its own production facilities, SPECHT is able to quickly tailor its products to meet individual customer requirements and easily cater to any special requests.

Johannes Ten Elsen

Company founder passed away in 2015 – his high standard of quality continues to shape the company today.

Paula Ten Elsen (Grah)


Thomas Peters


Full control over the entire manufacturing process, advanced production technology and, if nothing else, decades of industry experience mean that Te So Ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG will continue to leave its mark on the global market with innovative and reliable products – whether in the manufacture of conventional equipment or the development of alternative poultry systems.

– Paula Ten Elsen

We keep our promises

High quality standards, advanced technology and professional know-how – the three cornerstones of our success and the standard that can be expected by customers when they decide to invest in poultry equipment from SPECHT. Maintaining a high standard of quality has always been a key aspect of our company philosophy and the reason why SPECHT cage systems are largely sturdy metal constructions that include as little plastic components as possible. This makes them easier to assemble, considerably more weather-resistant and strong enough to see countless battery cages still functioning perfectly after 25 years and more.

All components used in our products are manufactured at our factory in Sonsbeck, Germany. We use state-of-the-art machinery and top-quality raw materials in order to make our poultry systems, which are then distributed from here to businesses all over the world. Quality checks are also carried out in-house. We thus have complete control at all times and are in a position to provide customers with every type of poultry house – big or small, standard solution or special design, all of which come from the one source.

Customers benefit from our long-standing experience in this industry, as well as our expertise: we provide support when assessing requirements, we take care of the planning, production and delivery, and we also provide assistance during assembly if required. Further support is then provided by our experienced, multilingual Service team once the equipment is up and running – despite our systems seldom requiring repair thanks to their robustness and durability.

Our team in Sonsbeck

Contact us at the company headquarters and production facilities of Te So Ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG – We are here to help.

Jörg Bünzel

Phone: +49 2838 912 0
Mail: Joergbuenzel@specht-germany.com

Gregor Kloos

Purchasing / Sales / Logistics
Phone: +49 2838 912 115
Mail: Gregor@specht-germany.com

Abedin Pour Bakhsh

Calculation / Administration
Phone: +49 2838 912 106
Mail: AbedinPourBakhsh@specht-germany.com

Heike Börgmann

Head Office / Administration
Phone: +49 2838 912 0
Mail: HeikeBoergmann@specht-germany.com


Margarita Jacob

Phone: +49 2838 912 113
Mail: MargaritaJacob@specht-germany.com

Ludger Frerix

Phone: +49 2838 912 214
Mail: LudgerFrerix@specht-germany.com

Katarzyna Kloos

Staff / Administration
Phone: +49 2838 912 152
Mail: KatarzynaKloos@specht-germany.com

Dr. Kourosh Gholami

Livestock Specialist and Sales
Phone: +49 (0)2838 912-103
Mail: KouroshGholami@specht-tenelsen.de

Dewi van Meegen

Marketing Manager
Phone: +49 (0)173 879 65 82
Mail: vanmeegen@specht-germany.com

Ammar Osman Salih

Phone: +49 2838 912 0
Mail: Ammar@specht-germany.com

Lukas Kemmler

Purchasing / Logistics / Administration
Phone: +49 2838 912 142
Mail: LukasKemmler@specht-germany.com

Samira Mammadova

Phone: +49 2838 912 0
Mail: SamiraMammadova@specht-germany.com

Andrea Bölke

Accounting / Staff
Phone: +49 2838 912 112
Mail: AndreaBoelke@specht-germany.com


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