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Mobile hen house –
SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 300


8.0 x 2.4 m,
ca. 35 sqm

Sections: 2.0 x 2.4 m
Space for: ca. 300 animals

The SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 300 boasts durable quality, a well-thought-out interior design and welfare-appropriate conditions. Our mobile hen house, type 300, houses approx. 300 hens and is thus ideally suited to those keeping smaller animal stocks. The mobile hen house from Specht Ten Elsen provides small businesses with an easy introduction to poultry keeping, without taking a major financial risk. The mobile poultry keeping option boasts many benefits, such as optimum turnout management, where laying hens can make plenty of use of the open space surrounding the stall. This intensive grazing can also have a negative impact on the ground, vegetation and even groundwater – the mobile hen house can be moved around regularly or as required in order to counteract this issue.

Purchase your mobile stall from the experts
Thanks to the steady demand for mobile stalls, manufacturers have seen the market grow in recent years. However, not every provider has the necessary expertise. Anyone who wishes to set up and operate a mobile hen house should choose a manufacturer who is more than familiar with their planning, development and production. Specht Ten Elsen has been producing systems for poultry keeping since 1961. The Specht mobile stall system has resulted from decades of experience. Our mobile hen house combines the benefits of various system types in one mobile stall, which includes an automatic egg collection, drinking line before the nest, the SPECHT family nest and a separate egg station. The simple manure removal, sheltered turnout hatches, AstroTurf mats and additional perches complete the set-up. The mobile hen house provides more space per hen and thus ensures animal welfare standards are met.

Technical data

Section length: 2.4 m
Section width: 1.35 m
Nest width: 51 cm
Inner dimensions of nest: 117.25 cm x 50 cm
Width of egg belt: 20.5 cm
Width of manure belt: 130 cm

Surface area: 2 sections x 2.4 m for approx. 300 animals


The mobile hen house as an autonomous system

Our SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 300 can be flexibly moved and repositioned. It has been designed as an autonomous unit and offers automatic operation with the latest computer control (CLK8) for a fully automatic supply of water, opening of the nest flaps, turnout hatches in the side wall and egg belts. A chain feeding system with direct drive supplies the feed, while the fodder silo has a feed spiral for simple filling. The water tank in the mobile hen house holds approx. 450 litres. Dimmable lighting on the first floor, a generous ventilation concept using both fans and fresh air valves, along with the stall windows, create a pleasant atmosphere and ensure the laying hens are kept appropriately. The metal steps into the stall and egg room are easy to clean, further steps lead from the stall to the optionally available winter garden.

Additional equipment for the mobile hen house from Specht Ten Elsen
Instead of the 400 V power supply, the mobile hen house from Specht Ten Elsen can be optionally powered by solar power (24 V). Further additional equipment features, such as the dolly axle, winter garden or barn system, can also be added without a problem. With decades of experience under our belt and in-house production at our plant in Sonsbeck (North Rhine-Westphalia), we can tailor the mobile hen house to meet your individual wishes and requirements.

Product features

  • egg collection
  • drinking line in front of the nest
  • SPECHT family nest
  • separate egg store
  • easy manure removal
  • wind-protected outlet hatches
  • AstroTurf mats
  • more space per animal, meets the requirements of animal welfare
  • additional perches

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