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Mobile hen houses –
SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 540

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13,4 x 2,4m,
ca. 60 sqm

Sections: 3,5 x 2,4m
Space for für: ca. 540 hens

Mobile hen houses are growing in popularity. They offer plenty of benefits – because mobile hen houses are regularly moved around the field or pasture and thus provide the hens with a constant supply of fresh grass. Furthermore, this repositioning prevents the grass from getting too short and the ground becoming overfertilised, which can lead to contamination of the groundwater. There is also less opportunity for germs to breed, which in turn reduces the need for medical intervention.

Mobile hen houses offer full autonomy
Mobile hen houses such as the SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 540 can be flexibly moved and repositioned. The mobile stall has been designed to house approx. 540 animals, forms an autonomous unit and offers automatic operation with the latest computer control (CLK8) for a fully automatic supply of water, opening of the nest flaps, turnout hatches in the side wall and egg belts. A chain feeding system with direct drive supplies the feed, while the fodder silo has a feed spiral for simple filling. The water tank holds approx. 450 litres. The lighting in the first floor can be dimmed, facilitating the natural biorhythm of the laying hens with waking and resting phases. The generous ventilation concept using both fans and fresh air valves, along with the stall windows, creates a pleasant atmosphere and ensures the laying hens are kept appropriately. The two metal steps into the stall and egg room are easy to clean, further steps lead from the stall to the optionally available winter garden.

Technical data

Section length: 2.4 m
Section width: 1.35 m
Nest width: 51 cm
Inner dimensions of nest: 117.25 cm x 50 cm
Width of egg belt: 20.5 cm
Width of manure belt: 130 cm

Surface area: 3.5 sections x 2.4 m for approx. 540 animals


Mobile hen houses from experienced producers

The mobile stall market continues to grow and there is a large selection of models to choose from. However, not every provider has the necessary expertise. Anyone looking to acquire a mobile hen house should place their trust in a manufacturer who is more than familiar with their planning, development and production. Specht Ten Elsen has been producing systems for poultry keeping since 1961. The mobile hen houses from SPECHT have resulted from decades of experience. Our mobile hen houses combine the benefits of various system types in one mobile stall, such as automatic egg collection, drinking line before the nest, the SPECHT family nest and a separate egg station. The simple manure removal, sheltered turnout hatches, AstroTurf mats and additional perches complete this sophisticated set-up. Mobile hen houses, such as the SPECHT Mobile Stall Type 540, provide more space per animal and thus ensure the hens are kept appropriately.

Mobile hen houses from SPECHT tailored to requirements
Instead of the 400 V power supply, the SPECHT Mobile Stall 540 can be optionally powered by solar power (24 V). Further additional equipment features, such as the dolly axle, winter garden or barn system, can also be included without a problem. With decades of experience under our belt, along with the strict quality standards and top-quality materials at our plant in Sonsbeck (North Rhine-Westphalia), we can tailor the mobile hen house to meet your individual wishes and requirements. We will also gladly help you get set up and operations started.

Product features

  • egg collection
  • drinking line in front of the nest
  • SPECHT family nest
  • separate egg store
  • easy manure removal
  • wind-protected outlet hatches
  • AstroTurf mats
  • more space per animal, meets the requirements of animal welfare
  • additional perches

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